The Future of clothing

Y Athletics Silverair Shirt

TLDR: This shirt has silver nanoparticles woven into the fabric to prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. And it works! You can even wear it for multiple days in a row without worry.

The Y Athletics Silverair Shirt is a comfortable, form-fitting shirt that fulfills on its promise of keeping odors away. It's made of breathable nylon and polyester, and has silver nanoparticles woven in that neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

Our tester wore the shirt for 3 days straight, including two gym workouts, and came out with roughly 10% of the smell you would normally expect. Very impressive results. 

This shirt has mesh ventilation built into its unibody form for extra breathability. The fabric also prevents the shirt from getting too moist so it won't stick to your body.

On top of that -- it looks great. It's futuristic aesthetic can function just as well in a business meeting as it can in spin class. 

Y Athletics easily wins of pick for the future of clothing.