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TLDR: The Trezor is a reliable and very portable cryptocurrency wallet that won’t get hacked even if your computer isn’t fully protected. It uses powerful encryption and two-factor authentication to keep your cryptocurrency safe, and it's extremely durable, so it won't break on you. It also an easy-to-use recovery function if you do lose it.
Considering how valuable Bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies are getting, you really don’t want to lose your stash. Don't be a fool. The Trezor is an encrypted cyptocurrency wallet that you connect to your computer through the USB jack.

The Trezor is durable, so it won’t get crushed and ruined. The manufacturer describes it as “bulletproof,” but we did not test this. It’s simple and easy to use, as it only uses two buttons to confirm or deny transactions. It uses strong encryption, so it’s not a huge deal if your computer isn’t fully protected while it’s attached or if you’re using a public network. It also has an easy-to-use recovery function if you happen to lose it. If you’re going to bother getting into cryptocurrency, make sure your money is safe, and get the Trezor.